Bridesmaid Dresses

For Adult Bridesmaids dresses we can order any size and any colour for you from the colours listed below. They are £75 for any Adult Bridesmaid dress up to size 22. An additional payment of £10 is required for any size larger.

standard chart….Royal Blue, Red, Baby pink, Burgundy, Lilac, silver, hot pink, light blue, Coral, black, champagne, yellow, navy blue, turquoise, orange, deep green, sage green, blush, violet red, green, teal, white, purple and mint.
There are over 100 additional colours available for a surcharge of £10

Multi-way, can be worn several different ways

Halle £75

Jeanette £75

Ellie £75

Lucy £75

Luna short or long £75

Dominique £75

Chloe £75

Christine all sizes £75

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